Project Description

Bontech’s Expertise

Since incorporation in 1991, Bontech’s engineering consulting team has been at the forefront of designing and delivering world class services and products that are compliant and sustainable.

In partnership with Cochrane, we endeavor to create safe and beautiful security to secure your built assets with trusted and compliant products.

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About Cochrane

With a reputation for innovation and quality spanning nearly three decades, Cochrane International continues to pioneer with segment-leading Physical Perimeter Security Barriers that effectively protect critical assets. By any measure, Cochrane products define the benchmark in their class.

In this respect, Cochrane’s core mission – as one of the most trusted Security Providers on earth – is to first gain an in-depth understanding of the industries and environments in which Cochrane’s products will be deployed so they go beyond merely meeting expectations. That means not only engaging in extensive research and rigorous fine-tuning, in partnership with clients, but drawing on the expertise of the world’s finest designers, engineers, project managers, compliance specialists and security consultants.

Further enhancing this product offering, is a Global Customer Support network, that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, across 6 continents and 16 offices – ensuring that our clients around the world get the personal attention they have come to expect from the Cochrane International team.