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Resonating Horn 52

52_C_HRcThe Federal Signal Model 52 resonating horn produces 114dBA @10 feet (124dBA @ 1m) with a 1,000 foot range. It is capable of penetrating high ambient noise levels. Being electrically-activated, the Model 52 does not require an air compressor for operation. The Model 52 is able to withstand the shocks, vibrations, dust and atmospheric conditions encountered in off-road use. The operating temperature range is -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C).

Rubber gaskets and a power connector make the Model 52 completely watertight. The projector and internal parts are made of zinc-coated steel or stainless steel to resist corrosion; the exterior is sealed with gray enamel paint. The housing is die-cast aluminum. Tied and adhesive-bonded internal wiring helps prevent electrical shorts, wire breakage, and loose connections. The Model 52 is available in 24VDC. It’s 18-32V operating range allows for voltage inconsistencies. The Model 52 has a duty cycle of five minutes on and five minutes off.
Federal Signal’s Model 52 resonating horn is specifically designedfor off-road vehicles. It provides the very loud sound for which an air-horn is usually required, but without the need for an expensive compressor.

Used by major manufacturers of construction equipment, Model 52 resonating horns suit the warning needs of any off-road vehicle working in a high noise environment, including excavators, backhoes, compactors (steamrollers), loaders, tractors, bulldozers, trenchers, and scrapers.

• Available in 24VDC
• Withstands extreme
outdoor conditions
• Produces 114dBA @ 10′
(124dBA @ 1m)
• Surface mount with flanges
• Type 4X enclosure

hornResonating Horn