Project Description

A Single Instrument for Locating All Your Metal Conductors

greentest ftv100
Specially designed for solar power installations!

With the spread of solar power installations, professionals in the sector, installers, maintenance technicians and auditing organizations need a simple and effective test and measurement instrument, as the users sell on the electricity produced.

The payback time for the installation will vary according to the actual ef ciency of the solar power installation. In an installation, each row of solar panels is designed to achieve a speci c level of ef ciency which is indicated on the datasheet concerning the panel.
When this reference value is reached, it means the installation is operating correctly. If not, it means there is a malfunction on the panel or on one of its components.
Major advantage: the FTV-100 can be used to perform these measurements simultaneously on 1, 2 or 3 rows of panels set up in parallel.Simple to use & set up

greentest ftv100 -2The GREENTEST is particularly simple to set up. For obvious safety reasons, you must  first disconnect the panel (fuses, lightning arrester, etc.). You can then check the specifications of the panel’s inverter, as indicated on the panel.

You install your physical measurement sensors (ambient temperature, panel temperature and insolation) as close as possible to the panels and connect the current clamp with its leads for the voltage measurements: an AC clamp for the measurements on the distribution network and a DC clamp for the measurements on the solar-panel outputs.

You then configure the instrument and enter the parameters (panel manufacturer).

These values are subsequently used as a reference to check the panel’s efficiency.

All the measurements are performed simultaneously: voltage, current, power, temperature, etc. Depending on the type of installation, you will need one or more current clamps.
To meet this requirement, 2 precon gured versions of the FTV-100 are available:
•with 1 current clamp •with 3 current clamps

greentest ftv100 -3The GREENTEST comes with a set of communication accessories which are particularly useful for trans-mitting measurement results on large installations. A «REMOTE» module allows real-time data transmission up to 100 m away.
It operates either with a Bluetooth series adapter kit over distances of up to 100 m or with a 15 m serial cable with a 9-pin male/male RS232 connector.

Technical Specifications
greentest ftv100 -4