Metrix Atex-certified Multimeter


METRIX® has designed a new range of on-site multimeters to deal with the requirements of difficult environments: humidity, water, gas, dust, etc.

These specific multimeters can be used in a wide range of sectors: agri-food, cement works, paper mills, mechanical industries, transport, automotive industry, etc.

Each user will find a perfect match for their requirements in this range of 5 instruments

Equipped with a proven, highly-resistant casing, these multimeters are made of self-extinguishing materials (casing and circuit).

For greater safety, the battery/fuse compartment is separate and the fuse self-testing and low battery detection systems (LowBat 50 h) are automatic (depending on the models).

The protective sheath includes a stand for optimized handling.

Display resolutions from 2,000 to 50,000 counts are available, as well as a fast 34-segment analogue bargraph (MX 58HD, MX 59HD and MX 57Ex).

A single tool for all your measurements! Usable in both explosive and non-explosive environments!

The new version of this multimeter can now be used outside hazardous environments as well. Use in explosive atmospheres involving gas or dust in the following conditions:
– Mines: category M2
– Surface industries: category 2 (gas and dust) – zones 1 & 2 (gas) and zones
21 & 22 (dust)

The MX 57Ex is a comprehensive instrument which complies with the applicable standards and regulations. It also complies with the stipulations of the European directives:
– Low voltage 2006/95/CE
– Electromagnetic compatibility EMC 89/336/CE and 93/68/CE
– Explosive environments ATEX 94/9/CE