Metrix Analogue Multimeter MX 2B and MX 1

analogue multimeter

Audible continuity test
Using this continuity test with audible ‘beep’ signal connections can be checked when carrying out resistance measurement

Protection on all ranges
An input as high as 400 Vrms results in no damage to the device, even when carrying out resistance measurement. This ohmmeter function is protected by an electronic circuit which, without a fuse, is both reliable and extremely quick to react. The input terminals can take transient pulses up to 6 kV.

As for the current ranges, they are protected by high rupturing capacity (HRC) safety fuses against 600 V.

Safety Alarms
In ohmmeter use an audible warning signal lets the user know if an AC network voltage is applied at the input.

There is also a visible indicator that lights up if a fuse is blown.

AC current measurement
The MX 2B comes with a current clamp for current measurement that can be carried out safely up to 200 A. The AM 13N clamp makes current measurement possible without having to break the circuit being measured.

Renowned rugged casing design
The professionally designed casing is splash-proof and, thanks to a shock-proof surround, also resistant to knocks and drops. Its smooth casing design also makes it easy to clean.

Unfailing safety
The MX 2B and the MX 1 are completely dou-bly insulated devices, good for measurement up to 1500 V. Furthermore, the SECUR’X case-locking system prevents accidental disconnec-ting of the measurement leads. It also prevents the opening of the casing, to change the fuses or the battery, whilst the measurement leads are still connected.

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