A Single Instrument for Locating All Your Metal Conductors


For your housing maintenance, renovation and improvement work, the LOCAT-N C.A 6881 detects electrical power cables and telecommunication cables, metal pipes and even anomalies on your lines.
Comprising a C.A 6881E transmitter and a C.A 6881Rreceiver, the LOCAT-N C.A 6681 is simple to useon both current-carrying and non-current-carrying mains circuits. Its digital technology overcomes interference and disturbance signals to provide precise location details. The receiver displays the value of the signal measured, which is also shown on the bar chart or in the form of acoustic signals whose amplitudes vary in proportion to the signal distance.
This makes it very simple to follow electrical cables through wallsor detect buried pipes in gardens.
To guide you and simplify your work, the receiver can quickly identify the circuit-breaker or fuses corresponding to the socket to which the transmitter is connected. It can be used to detect short-circuits or cuts on existing installations. For example, it is possible to detect faults in under-floor heating pipes. These ergonomic instruments are lightweight and delivered complete with practical accessoriesfor direct measurements on screw-in or bayonet lamp sockets or on mains power sockets.cable locatorApplications

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Technical Specifications
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